Hello and thanks so much for visiting my website. My name is Blaise and I have been reglazing bathtubs for over 25 years. I would like to tell you about my history in the bathtub resurfacing industry. I first started reglazing tubs with a company called GNU tub of Pittsburgh during the 1980s. After learning the trade and my profession of tub reglazing, I moved on to a company called Perma Ceram, refinishing tubs for Sears Roebuck in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. During that time, I learned everything I needed to know about the bathtub reglazing industry. It was time to move on and start my own company, American Tub and Tile Reglazing Systems.

Now after more than 20 years in my own business, I still do all my own work. Why? Because I would much rather know that every job my company does is done right and what better way to do that is to do the job myself. I enjoy what I do and use all the highest grade materials found in bathtub reglazing industry, bar none. I can promise you true professional workmanship and honest quality work. I take pride in my work and in every job I do. I refinished tubs for Pittsburgh University, Carnegie Mellon, Duquesne, W&J College, and property management companies throughout Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. You might say I’m old school but believe me, you can trust that i will take every step in this process to make sure your tub will last many years. You’re about to be amazed! I guarantee it.


What is reglazing?

Reglazing is the process by which porcelain and ceramic fixtures and surfaces are refinished to look like new. With reglazing, your worn out bathtubs and tile can be restored to their original luster right in place, in any color, in just a few hours.

Reglazing vs. replacement

With traditional replacement, parts of the bathroom tile, walls and floor must be torn away. The old plumbing is often in the wrong place to fit the new bathtub, which can add to the expense. Add together the cost of the new bathtub, floor and wall materials, ceramic tiles, lumber, carpenter, plumber and tile setter, and it’s easy to see how the cost of replacing a bathtub can run into thousands of dollars.


The Glas-Tech 9000™ process

The Glas-Tech 9000™ process is a remarkable time tested method that was developed specifically for bathtub and tiled wall finishing. The secret lies in the ability of the compounds to fuse themselves into the original surface through a molecular bonding action. The new finish becomes a permanent park of the existing fixture, unlike bathtub liners, which can crack, trapping unsanitary water and creating a health hazard.

Why use Glas-Tech 9000™

Glas-Tech 9000™ has a proven track record, with over 30 years and 3 million successful applications nationwide. This is the leading and most experienced application process in the field of bathroom and kitchen refinishing. The result is unequaled performance combined with the best products and techniques available.


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